Off to a busy start! (Molly) / by Claudia Bode

What a full first few days in Tanzania!  

When I arrived at the Zion Home for the first time late Friday afternoon, we pulled into the yard to be greeted by several dozen kids and Deb, their mom, playing games.  This, as I've discovered, is one of the many fun activities that keep the kids entertained and learning during their school break.  

In addition there are nearly a dozen volunteers from Ireland, Italy and Canada here.  They are range from student-teachers, to healthcare workers, to language therapists who will be working with the kids and assisting the Tanzanian staff to provide services throughout the Olive Branch's outreach programs.

For the weekend, Deb, and Putiyei, her Maasai husband, arranged for the volunteers and myself to travel down into the savannah where Putiyei's family is from.  The Maasai are herders who mostly live off of their animals.  They were fantastic hosts who shared their lives and traditions with us.   

The Maasai have a special way of killing their goats through suffocation.  It's relatively quick and ensures that the blood, which is drunk, stays in the chest cavity.  I got to try this unique drink - it was interesting - earthy with a slight metallic (iron) aftertaste and hints of grass.

It is such a privilege to be allowed to take part and learn from others' lives.